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Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Majid Rigizadeh and on this site I tried to give a brief description of the examples of work done.

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Android Java

almost 5 years experience in programming Java language applications and I have made about 10 applications


About 3 years of using this framework to create management panels and APIs of the projects


Due to market needs and to challenge myself, I started this framework 2 years ago. I made 4 successful projects

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Timeline of my experiences

2020 - 2019

Secretary of Computer Science Association

In Birjand University, Android and WordPress teaching and training class

2020 - 2018

Bachelor Degree

from Birjand University, majoring in software engineering with GPA 18.60

2018 - 2016

Associate degree

from Technical College of Enghelab Tehran, majoring in software with GPA 17.9

2016 - 2014


from Imam Sajjad school of Boshrouye city, majoring in computer with GPA 16.59

May 2021 - now

FullStack (Mobile,Laravel,Analyzer)

as a freelancer ( programming team)

June 2020 - April 2021

FullStack (Mobile,Laravel,Analyzer)

in Farabin Ertebatat Rayan Company located in Mashhad (contract termination and non-renewal)

September 2019 - May 2020

FullStack (Mobile,Laravel)

as a freelancer

December 2017 - September 2019

Android Developer

at Moj Media company located in Tehran (no contract extension due to entering Birjand University)

Recent Work Samples

(All these work samples are implemented either as a single person coding or in teams with 2 or 3 people, where the main project management or coding was with me)

  • Everything
  • Flutter
  • Android (Java)
  • Backend
Android (Java)Backend

Ternav Shop Application

Ternav Shop Application

This product was developed by the Ternav team and it's sold as source and output (single store or multi-store).

This project was designed and produced in three applications (with Java language) along with Backend Laravel

User application: in this app, after login and registering, the user can view the list of stores along with their latest status (open or closed) and their address, and after entering the store, the list of products along with product categories displayed. and after creating the shopping cart and choosing the address and choosing the payment type, the order is sent to the seller.

Seller application: In this application, the seller can update or create his/her product list, as well as view and edit the orders that sent to the store. Also, requesting withdrawal from the wallet and editing the store are features of this application.

The management application also allows the administrator to view list of users and sellers and products and categories of each store and also check their orders. All the features of this project can be edited and changed in the management application.

View screen recorded of application  

Download user application (For the time being, sending SMS removed because sending cost, and the code 1234 will be registered as a password and verify code)

(To get the link to download the management and seller application, send a message to +98937793575 on Telegram or WhatsApp)

View mockup of project


Talki Talk application (text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion – Android and iOS – Canada)

Talki Talk application (text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion – Android and iOS – Canada)

This project is with Flutter (GetX architecture) with two outputs, Android and iOS, which was created for an employer in Canada and published in Appstore and Google Play.

The purpose of this project was to convert text to speech and speech to text to help deaf and dumb people.

In the ios version, in-app payment was used to buy a monthly subscription, and the android version was published in Play Store as a paid app.

The interesting features of this application were multilingual capability to convert all kinds of languages ​​into speech and all kinds of languages ​​into text.

Various features such as adding or removing one or more sentences to favorites, replaying sentences or changing the speech output were also be in this project.

View the application process video 

View and download the Android application from Google Play 

View and download the IOS application from the App Store 


IranianGram application and site (buy Instagram likes and followers)

IranianGram application and site (buy Instagram likes and followers)

This project is with Flutter (GetX architecture) with two outputs, Android and web application, which was also published in Cafe Bazaar, and the backend was done using Laravel.

The purpose of creating this project was to make it easier for users to buy likes and followers and visit from site that was created earlier.

In the version that was published in Cafe Bazaar, the in-app payment of Cafe Bazaar was used so users can make their payment without sending to the internet portal. It should be noted that in the version installed on the IranianGram website, payments are using Internet portals such as Zarin Pal.

All apis and applications are highly secure and all ways of attack and hacking are prevented.

This website is also supported by me.

Watch the video of the application process 

View and download Android application from Cafe Bazaar 

View the Iranigram website 

View and download the application from the website (landing page)

View Web Application 


Photo printing application and site (ax24)

Photo printing application and site (ax24)

This project was created with Flutter, and the backend was prepared with Laravel along with the management panel, and it was exported for Android and web app.

The purpose of creating this project is to request and upload the user's photos for printing, which will be sent to the user's selected address after checking the management of these photos.

After entering the application, the user selects his/her photo/s and enters a page where he/she can cut, rotate and edit all his/her selected photos and select the paper type and size for printing and see the printing price. After selecting each size, according to the photo's specifications, the need for mandatory cropping is checked and requested from user to perform cropping again.

The processing on the user's images was one of the bigest challenges of this project, because after each cut, the new specifications of the photo had to be checked and the processing had to be restarted according to each size.

Apart from application side processing, backend image processing was also necessary. Because the sent photos are mostly personal photos, that's why all the faces in the sent photos are identified and faded, and the quality of the photo is lowered to be unrecognizable. The original photos are also completely deleted by the administrator after downloading.

After the photo is approved by the management, an SMS is sent to the user stating that the payment stage has been reached, and the user enters the application to pay the printing fee online, and then the order is sent for printing.

The management panel also has the ability to view - edit - delete - create lists such as users - orders - photos - paper sizes - paper types - prices, etc.

Also, SMS and email will be sent to the user after the steps planned by the employer

Watch the video of the application process 

Download the application 

View in web application

Android (Java)Backend

Aloyoun shopping application (unpublished)

Aloyoun shopping application (unpublished)

This application has been removed by the employer

This project is a product of Farabeen Ertebatat Rayan Company. During my presence in this company, I did the coding with the cooperation of their graphic team.

This project was made in three applications with Java language along with Laravel backend and MongoDB database.

The triple application (management-store-user)

User: By choosing a category and after choosing the location to receive the service or product, the user can build his shopping cart and register the order, and after that, a request is made to the sellers (within a radius of two kilometers of the selected location) and if approved by the seller, the status The order changes and the user can see the details of the store (address and number, etc.). Also, the user can view and edit his/her profile and also see his/her previous orders

Seller: After registration and approval by the manager, the seller can receive and confirm or reject the orders that are given in his/her area or change its stages (being packed, being sent and delivered).

Management: Management can also view, edit, delete or in some cases create the mentioned lists in their application; Users, sellers and other managers - list of categories and products of each - list of orders

View and download the application from Cafe Bazar

View the project mockup

Android (Java)Backend

Moodet application

Moodet application

This project is a product of Farabeen Ertebatat Rayan Company. During my presence and employment in this company, I did the coding with the cooperation of their graphic team.

The application was made with Java language and the backend of this project was made with Laravel

This application contains a main page where the list of sounds is located along with its categories, and the user can play different sounds together (playback is executed in the background service so that the sound will not be interrupted if the application is closed) ) also from other features of the application; Sleep timer and suggested modes and dark and light themes

View and download the application from Miket

View and download the application from Cafe Bazar

See the introduction site of the application 

View the project mockup

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Customers comments

Mr. Majid Nazari

Car spare parts store application

Working with this team was a good experience. Very good work, delivering the work earlier than the specified date and patiently making the changes.

Mr. Shahin

Application for sharing cooking recipes

Mastering the profession and being responsive as soon as possible, hoping to cooperate again

Ponisha Customer

Persianization of WordPress store application

The Ternav team is very professional and expert, and working with this team brought me a great and satisfying experience, the Ternav team developed my project very quickly and professionally and much, much better than I expected, and with The excellent support and care they had accompanied me, I will definitely work with this team in similar projects

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